11′ Clear Stand Up Paddle Board

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Discover the Clear SUP – a rigid and transparent Stand Up Paddleboard designed for a captivating paddleboarding experience in locations like Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, and the serene waters of Canyon Lake.

Key Features:
Unmatched Visibility: Explore underwater depths up to 25 meters with crystal-clear clarity.
Exceptional Stability: Enjoy remarkable sailing experiences with outstanding stability and maneuverability.
UV Protection: Retains brilliance and transparency, even after prolonged sun exposure.
Safety First: Crafted with a focus on safety, ensuring a secure journey over marine landscapes.

Ideal for flat water rides in lakes or the sea, suitable for solo adventures and family outings.
Accessible to all skill levels, from beginners to eco-conscious professionals.

Gliding Quality: Tailored for calm water strolls.
Anti-Slip Grip: EVA foam pad for enhanced grip.
Stability: Large size (31.5″) ensures optimal stability.
Durability: Made from unbreakable polycarbonate, used in various applications.
Transparency: Like a giant mask, offering a glimpse into aquatic depths up to 25 meters.

Embark on a memorable paddleboarding journey with the Crystal SUP – a perfect fusion of innovation, durability, and a connection with the stunning waters of Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, and Canyon Lake.