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Rentals Rates

Day Rentals

Units may be picked up 1 hour before closing time day before at no additional cost

 Life Jackets and Paddles Included

Bring Foam, Straps, Truck/Trailer If You Have them 


We give package deals.

Prices are negotiable  depending on quantity of kayaks needed and how many days you plan on keeping them.

Depending on demand for kayaks on holiday weekends  will determine how much wiggle room we have for package deals on those weekends.

Accessories available for sale!

Canoe Rentals

(Full day) 1 canoe $45 cc or $40 cash

(Full Day) 2 canoes $80cc or $75 cash

Party Paddle Boards


Seats 6-10 people

(Full Day) $90 cc or $75  cash

(3 Days) $165 cc or $150 cash for

( Week ) $175

Stand Up Paddle Boards

Inflatable SUPs

Hard boards available upon request (Lake Only)

(First day) $45 cc or $40 cash

(2nd Day)  $25 cc or $20 cash

(3rd day) $15 cc or $10 cash

(Week) $130 cc or $110 cash 

Single Kayaks


(1st Day) $45 cc or $40 cash

(2nd day) $25 cc or $20 cash

(3rd day) $15 cc or $10 cash 

(week) $110

Tandem kayaks



(1st day) $60 cc or $50 cash 

(2nd day) 40 cc or cash $30

(3rd day) $120 cc or $100 cash

(1 week) $150 

Fishing Kayaks

(1st day) $55 cc or $45 cash

(2nd day) $30 cc or $25 cash

(3rd day) $100 cc or $90 cash

(1 week) $150 cc or $130