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OVER NIGHT RENTALS MUST BE STORED IN A SAFE PLACE (garage, living room, backyard, etc)


Life Jackets, Paddles, Foam Blocks, Straps, Pumps, Fins, and Leashes

If you only have a car and are wondering if you can transport your own kayak/paddle board the answer is YES.

We will show you how to make it work. Click on the book online button and we will see you at the shop.

SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS WELCOME (during business hours)

TEXT US For Group Specials or Special Request/Questions



Q – Can I transport 2 tandem kayaks with my car??? I don’t have straps or a roof rack.

A – YES YES YES We have seen two tandem kayaks on even a glass top Tesla or Camry

Q – How far are you from the water?

A – 10 Minutes from the water

Q – Can I take my kayak out of state or country?

A – Yes we have customers taking our equipment to California and even Mexico quite often. Just remember to store them in a safe place 

Q – Do you have paddleboards or kayaks that can hold a heavier person? 

A – YES YES YES We actually designed our rental paddle boards to hold up to 600 lbs so that heavy weight customers can enjoy the sports as well as beginners 

Q – Do you rent sit on top and sit inside kayaks?

A – Yes, we rent both sit on top and sit inside kayaks?

Q – I’ve never kayaked before what kayak do you recommend for me?

A – For beginners we recommend sit on top kayaks.  Sit on top kayaks are super stable and easy to get on and off of for beginners if you fall in the water. Sit on top kayaks are also favored in the summer because it’s easier to take a dip and get back on your kayak in a sit on top. 

Q – Is paddleboarding scary? I don’t have balance to stand, will I fall in?

A – We custom designed wide paddleboards for beginners that make it easy to learn and stand on. The cool thing about paddleboards is that you aren’t bound to one position. You can kneel, sit, stand, lay down, cross your legs, sit backwards, do handstands, lay down and take a nap, the options are limitless.  So don’t worry if you can’t stand on your first day a lot of beginners just stay on their knees. 

Q – Are life jackets and paddles included with our rental?

A – YES YES YES Paddles, jackets, removable roof racks and straps are included with your rental.

Q – I am going to the lower salt river, I want to avoid rapids. Where should I put in and get out to avoid the rapids. 

A – The lower salt river only has 1 set of Class II rapids, some might say they aren’t even Class II but only Class I rapids. These rapids are located between Water Users Recreation Site and Pebble Beach Rec Site on the left hand side of the last split before the bridge. To avoid these rapids always take the right hand side of the splits in the river between Water Users and Pebble Beach (bridge).

Q – It’s my first time kayaking/paddleboarding and I’m with beginners where should we start?

A – We recommend beginners go to the lake to get their balance and get familiar with paddling. Although our river is an easy, lazy river, it’s moving water and having some lake experience is recommended.  We recommend a lake session before heading to the river unless you are with experienced paddlers who you trust.

Q – Do you charge by the hour ?

A – At Redline we charge one low daily rate. Our low-cost rental rates make kayaking and paddle boarding affordable for everyone. We even have a special where you rent for 2 days and the 3rd is FREE

Q – Are you located on the water? Do you transport kayaks to the salt river?

A – Unfortunately no companies are legally allowed to deliver kayaks to the Salt River or Saguaro Lake. Our NE Mesa location is 10 minutes from the Salt River. With foam blocks and straps we can show you how to make it happen. We also have a vendor of ours located right at Canyon Lake Marina

Q – I only have 1 car how can I paddle the river? 

A – There’s a few options if you only have 1 car and want to paddle the river. 

 1) Park at Granite Reef and paddle upstream – a lot of people will park at the bottom and paddle upstream because the bottom of the river is very lake like and half of the time the wind is going upstream so its not hard to paddle upstream at all then when you are ready to head back turn around and head back to your car 

 2) Uber – Some people will leave their equipment and friends at the top drive their car down to the end point and use Uber to get a ride back up the top so that their car is waiting for them at the bottom.  Make sure you go to the end point first and make sure your phone service works and Uber is available. Granite reef or Goldfield usually are the best places to catch an Uber