Events / Parties


Kayaking, paddle boarding, and canoeing is a great way for co-workers to build stronger relationships. Team building is important in and out of the work place. When co-workers have team building events things tend to run smoother in the workplace and production is higher. There is no better way to say thank you to your employees then having fun and adventurous events with and/or for them. Take a trailer full of kayaks to a river/lake of your choice and treat them to a great time. Not only is kayaking at your local river/lake more fun then going to most places but it is also a lot more affordable. No need to buy everyone dinner when you can bbq on the side of the lake and enjoy some physical activities.


Make your loved ones birthday party one to remember. How many times are you going to have your average birthday bash in the back yard? Everyone is tired of the pizza and token games! Do something different that includes exercise and adventure.


Keeping your head in the books all year round continuously isn’t easy. Long nights of studying and staying up writing papers is hard work. After a ceremony there is nothing better then to take a load off and have some fun! A memorable and adventurous kayaking/paddle boarding/or canoeing trip would be awesome!