11′ Hard Board

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11′ Hard Board – a high-performance paddleboard crafted for versatility and style. With dimensions of 11′ x 32″ x 4.25″, this epoxy and veneer board strikes a perfect balance between durability and agility.

Key Features:
Optimal Length: 11 feet for enhanced speed and tracking.
Versatile Width: 32 inches for stability and maneuverability.
Streamlined Thickness: 4.25 inches for a responsive ride.
Durable and Lightweight:
Constructed with epoxy and veneer, the board is both durable and lightweight, ensuring easy transport and handling.

All-Water Performance:
From calm lakes to ocean waves, this board is designed for all water conditions, catering to paddlers of all skill levels.

Adventure-Ready Design:

Sleek Aesthetics: Epoxy and veneer construction adds style to performance.
Durable Build: Withstands various water environments.
All-Skill-Level Design: Suitable for both novice and experienced paddlers.

Experience the thrill of paddleboarding with precision and style. Get your 11′ Hard Board and make every session an unforgettable adventure!