01 Redline 11.6′ Tandem Hybrid Paddle Board

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Meet the Redline 11.6′ Tandem Paddle Board – where stability meets adventure with a touch of tech wizardry! This floating fiesta pad not only boasts dimensions of 11.6’x35″x6″ and a whopping 700lbs capacity for two riders or one big adventurer but also features carbon steel rails and three layers of military-grade PVC for extra rigidity – because this board means serious business on the waters of Salt River, Canyon Lake, Saguaro Lake, Mesa, Tempe, and Phoenix.

Key Features:

Weight Capacity of 700lbs: A robust platform for two riders or one adventurous soul, providing stability and support for thrilling aquatic escapades.

Carbon Steel Rails: Engineered for extra rigidity, ensuring stability for serious water adventures in diverse Arizona locations.

Three Layers of Military Grade PVC: Withstand the challenging desert conditions, ensuring durability and reliability during your adventures in Mesa, Tempe, and Phoenix.

Pressure Release Valve at 14psi: A tech marvel that keeps your board cool, collected, and perfectly inflated under the blazing desert sun. No worries about overinflation – we’ve got your back during exhilarating rides in Mesa, Tempe, and Phoenix.

Full Package: Enjoy the comfort of a seat and footrest, along with a double-sided paddle, fin, pump, ankle leash, patch kit, and a convenient bag for easy transport. The Redline 11.6′ is the ultimate package, combining stability, fun, and the latest in paddle board innovation.

Get ready for aquatic adventures like never before with the Redline 11.6′ Tandem – it’s not just a board; it’s a floating marvel ready to redefine your paddle boarding experience!