4.6″ Silicone River Fin

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Introducing our Silicone River Fin – a specialized 4.6 Inch Soft Flex Center Fin designed for Air SUP, River SUP, and surfboards. This fin, compatible with standard longboard fin boxes, is crafted with a focus on river running, offering enhanced stability and control for your inflatable paddle board.


  • Tailored for river adventures, this 4.6-inch silicone fin is suitable for Air SUP, River SUP, and surfboards.
  • Compatibility with standard longboard fin boxes ensures easy installation and versatility.
  • Specifically engineered for river running, providing exceptional stability and responsive maneuverability.
  • The highly flexible silicone construction adds a dynamic element to your paddleboarding experience.


  • Material: Silicone for a soft and flexible feel combined with durability.
  • Choose from vibrant colors – Orange, Gray, – to personalize your paddle board.
  • Height: 4.6 inches, offering optimal performance in river conditions.
  • Lightweight at 145g, ensuring a buoyant and efficient addition to your board.

Elevate your river paddleboarding with our Silicone River Fin – a perfect combination of flexibility, stability, and a touch of personal style for your inflatable paddle board.