Heavy-Duty Foldable Kayak Cart Dolly w/Flat-Free Wheels & Kickstand | 350 lb.




  • Heavy-Duty: Made of High quality stainless steel and high-strength rubber, Quality welding, Increase load and protect the frame from wearing. The upgraded NB250 has greater load-bearing capacity, Easily allow your Kayak/Canoe to be transported under 300 Lb.
  • Folding Design: GanFidnX’s unique 16.5 ft Elastic Webbing w/Spring Buckle and folding design gives you a faster and smoother experience. Easy to fold without tools for storage in most kayak dry wells and storage areas.(17×8.5×7.3)”
  • Flat-Free Wheels: With the design of integral forming, the 8″ Tires & Kickstands do not need inlate and never explode. Five strong hub spokes make it suitable for kinds of road conditions; Allows it move on rough surfaces (e.g. sand, gravel), wooded areas and various high and low stair conditions.
  • Equipment: Carry metal buckle straps, tires are equipped with Kickstand*2, high performance, save time and effort for transporting kayak.
  • Fashion & Personalized: The unique design Kayak Wheels NB250 2.0 has been patented to bring you a different experience.