01 Redline 11′ Touring Paddle Board

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Introducing the Redline 11′ Touring Paddle Board – your personal speed demon on the water! Designed for solo riders, this solo adventurer’s dream boasts sleek dimensions of 11’x30″x6″ and an impressive weight capacity of 350lbs, making it the ideal choice for heart-pounding, high-speed adventures on iconic Arizona waterways such as Salt River, Canyon Lake, Saguaro Lake, Mesa, Tempe, and Phoenix.

Key Features:

Weight Capacity of 350lbs: Ample support for solo riders, ensuring stability during thrilling high-speed adventures in diverse water surfaces.

Carbon Steel Rails: Engineered for enhanced rigidity, providing the stability needed for high-speed thrills on diverse water surfaces.

Pressure Release Valve at 14psi: Ensuring optimal inflation even under the hot Arizona sun, preventing overinflation and maintaining stability during exhilarating rides in locations like Mesa, Tempe, and Phoenix.

Military Grade PVC Material: With three layers of toughness, the board withstands the challenging desert conditions, ensuring durability and reliability during your adventures.

And the excitement doesn’t stop there – the Redline 11′ Touring comes complete with a fin, pump, ankle leash, patch kit, and a convenient bag for easy transport. It’s not just a board; it’s your express lane to aquatic thrills in the picturesque landscapes of Arizona!