Redline 110qt. Cooler




Introducing the Redline 110 Qt. Cooler – Your Ultimate Adventure Companion!

Embark on your outdoor escapades with the Redline 110 Qt. Cooler, a robust and reliable companion designed to elevate your experience during kayaking, camping, hunting, and more. Crafted with precision through rotomolded construction, this cooler ensures durability that can withstand the rugged terrain of Mesa, Tempe, Phoenix, and beyond.

Key Features:

T-Rex Lid Latches:
The Redline Cooler features T-Rex lid latches, providing a secure and airtight seal to keep your refreshments chilled for longer periods. No more worrying about temperature fluctuations during your thrilling adventures.

Anchor Point Tie Downs:
Secure your cooler in place during water-based activities like kayaking and paddleboarding with the integrated anchor point tie downs. Your Redline Cooler stays firmly in position, ensuring peace of mind as you navigate through the waters of Canyon Lake or Saguaro Lake.

Bottle Opener:
Don’t let a missing bottle opener ruin your outdoor enjoyment. The Redline Cooler comes equipped with a built-in bottle opener, allowing you to effortlessly open your favorite beverages and celebrate your conquests.

Drain System:
Say goodbye to the hassle of tipping and tilting. The Redline Cooler features a convenient drain system, making cleanup a breeze after a day of fun in the sun. Keep your cooler fresh and ready for the next adventure.

Double Haul Handles:
Designed for easy transport, the double haul handles provide a comfortable grip when carrying your fully-loaded cooler. Whether you’re heading to Mesa, Phoenix, or Tempe for a picnic or exploring the trails around these areas, transporting your essentials has never been more convenient.

Non-Slip Feet:
Prevent unwanted slipping and sliding with the non-slip feet of the Redline Cooler. Enjoy stability on any surface, ensuring your cooler stays put, whether you’re setting up camp or taking a break by the shores of Canyon Lake.

Double Wall Insulation:
Experience superior insulation with the double wall construction, keeping your beverages and snacks at the ideal temperature. No matter the weather, your Redline Cooler ensures your refreshments are as cool as your adventures.

In summary, the Redline 110 Qt. Cooler is the epitome of durability, convenience, and performance. Ready for any adventure, this cooler is your trusty sidekick, ensuring your experiences in Mesa, Tempe, Phoenix, and beyond are as refreshing as they are unforgettable. Elevate your outdoor lifestyle with Redline Coolers – where every adventure begins!