Redline 170QT Cooler




Meet the Redline 170 Qt. Cooler – Your Expedition-Ready Cooling Powerhouse!

Key Features:
T-Rex Lid Latches:
Secures an unwavering and airtight seal for temperature control during epic adventures.

Anchor Point Tie Downs:
Integrated tie downs for secure anchoring during water activities at Saguaro Lake or Canyon Lake.

Bottle Opener:
Conveniently integrated for easy access to refreshment.

Drain System:
Effortless cleanup, preserving freshness for your next grand outing.

Double Haul Handles:
Engineered for easy transport with secure double haul handles.

Non-Slip Feet:
Firmly grounded on any surface, ensuring stability during camping or by the lake.

Double Wall Insulation:
Keeps your drinks consistently cool on every monumental adventure.

In summary, the Redline 170 Qt. Cooler is a titan of durability, convenience, and efficiency, embodying the essence of the Redline brand. Tailored for vast landscapes, it’s your unwavering companion for refreshingly grand outdoor expeditions in Mesa, Tempe, Phoenix, and beyond. Elevate your adventures with Redline Coolers – where every journey becomes a grand expedition!