Redline 45qt Cooler




Redline 45 Qt. Cooler – Your Ultimate Adventure Sidekick!

Elevate your outdoor escapades with the Redline 45 Qt. Cooler – meticulously designed for kayaking, camping, and beyond. Engineered to perfection for Mesa, Tempe, Phoenix adventures, this rotomolded cooler ensures unwavering durability and reliable performance.

Key Features:

  • T-Rex Lid Latches: Seal in freshness with airtight precision for extended cooling during any adventure.
  • Anchor Point Tie Downs: Securely anchor your cooler during water activities, enhancing on-the-water adventures in Saguaro Lake or Canyon Lake.
  • Bottle Opener: Enjoy the added convenience of a built-in bottle opener, always ready to crack open a cold one.
  • Drain System: Simplify cleanup with the efficient drain system, bidding farewell to spills after your outdoor fun.
  • Double Haul Handles: Crafted for portability, the double haul handles provide a comfortable grip, making transportation a breeze on Mesa, Tempe, or Phoenix trails.
  • Non-Slip Feet: Stay stable on any surface with non-slip feet, ensuring your cooler stays securely in place.
  • Double Wall Insulation: Experience superior insulation, keeping your beverages and snacks refreshingly cool.

In summary, the Redline 45 Qt. Cooler is a compact powerhouse that embodies durability, convenience, and top-notch performance. Your trusted companion for refreshing outdoor escapades in Mesa, Tempe, Phoenix, and beyond. Elevate your adventures with Redline Coolers – where every journey begins!