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November – January Appointment Only

    Rental Agreement

    I hereby agree that by renting this raft(s), SUP(s), float tube(s), canoe(s), or other equipment from East Valley Kayak Rentals. I accept liability for any damages or injury that may occur to me or others in my group while using any of the equipment—regardless of its condition—rented from East Valley Kayak Rentals. By signing this agreement I understand that I am waiving my right to bring a court action to recover compensation or to obtain any other remedy for any injury to myself, my property, or my death, however caused, arising out of my use of any equipment or programs of East Valley Kayak Rentals. I understand that there are inherent risks associated with water sports, pulling a trailer, and transporting equipment on vehicles and trailers. I understand that equipment and safety devices are provided for my use (such as flotation devices, etc.). I agree that I will be solely responsible for proper use of safety and other equipment and procedures. It is my responsibility to inspect all equipment—including trailers, tires, light connections, chains, straps, and tire pressure prior to use. I, the undersigned user—or guardian of user—HEREBY RELEASE on behalf of myself, my heirs, representatives, successors, executors, and administrators of East Valley Kayak Rentals, its officers, agents, and employees from any cause of action, claims, or demands of any nature whatsoever including, but not limited to, a claim of negligence. I also agree that if I damage, loose, or misplace any item I rent/sue from East Valley Kayak Rentals that I will pay for these losses or damages immediately (approximate prices are listed on the reverse side of this form). Lost or abandoned equipment will be billed $50 per hour for recovery time. I authorized East Valley Kayak Rentals to charge my credit card for any damage or replacement costs. Furthermore, I agree that if East Valley Kayak Rentals incurs any costs associated with recovery of payment for damages or losses (such as court costs) that I will reimburse or pay East Valley Kayak Rentals for these costs as well as the cost of the damaged or lost items. Bent paddles, folded (wrapped) canoes, and damaged stand up paddle boards (SUPs), float tubes, rafts, or other equipment will be charged for replacement. It is solely the discretion of Jeremy Schroeder to determine if damaged equipment will be repaired or replaced at the renter’s expense. I (renters) am responsible for connecting the trailer, lights, and chains properly and for securing all canoes, rafts, paddles, life jackets and other equipment to trailers or vehicles. I will double-check all straps and connections prior to driving. It is the renters’ responsibility to ensure that any required permission forms, trip permits, invasive species tags, boating permits, and trainings are completed and up to date prior to launching boats. I understand that the terms of this agreement are legally binding and I certify that I am signing this agreement, after having carefully read it, of my own free will.

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